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Review: Fleetwood Mad at the Lichfield Guildhall

Review: Fleetwood Mad at the Lichfield Guildhall by Ben Macnair 2nd December, 2023

Fleetwood Mad

A capacity audience, some of the best known songs in the rock cannon and a good live band all combined for a memorable concert when Fleetwood Mad played at Lichfield Guildhall.

The songs of Peter Green, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie were all brought to vivid life.

The ensemble, led by singer Paula Ansell, guitarist and singer Brock, and keyboard player and singer Jenny Lynch Lewis were supported throughout by the strong and supportive duo of drummer Ed Taylor and the bassist Paul Davis.

Together they tackled a varied repertoire of songs that went from the ethereal Everywhere and Dreams to the more hard rocking Go Your Own Way, and the encore of The Chain.

Although there was time in the set for two Stevie Nick’s solo songs, Rooms on Fire and Edge of Seventeen, there was no room for solo songs from Christine McVie or Lindsay Buckingham.

Only two numbers led by Buckingham featured, with Big Love and Tusk being played. Two songs also featured from the early Peter Green days, with some superlative guitar being the highlight of both Need Your Love So Bad and Black Magic Woman.

The vocal harmonies were well performed, particularly during the first encore of Landslide, the only dip into the acoustic side of Fleetwood Mac’s cannon.

With the success of Rumours, most of the best received songs on the night were from there, with Second Hand News, You Make Loving Fun and the full on blues rock bluster of Don’t Stop being particularly well played.

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