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Jenny Lynch-Lewis : The Enchanting Maestro Behind the Keys of Fleetwood Mad

In the intricate tapestry of Fleetwood Mad's spellbinding performances, one name stands out in a symphony of keys – the remarkably talented Jenny Lynch-Lewis. As the keyboard virtuoso, Jenny assumes the coveted role of Christine McVie, weaving the soulful melodies that define the iconic sound of Fleetwood Mac. In a career that might seem like a whirlwind to some, Jenny has seamlessly integrated her passion for music into the captivating narrative of Fleetwood Mad.


Born into a world filled with the timeless tunes of The Beatles, Motown, Soul, and the undeniable charisma of Elvis, Jenny's childhood was a crescendo of musical influence. Singing loud and proud, she harboured dreams of gracing the stage herself. Little did she know that the seeds of those aspirations would sprout into a remarkable musical journey.


While Jenny may be the freshest face in the ensemble, her connection to music dates back to her early years. At the tender age of 12, she embarked on her musical education, beginning a love affair with the keys that would be rekindled decades later. Life took her through various twists and turns, but then everything changed, she fulfilled a lifelong yearning by acquiring her first piano. A momentous step that marked the beginning of her ascent into the world of music.


Post-acquisition, Jenny wasted no time in honing her skills. She enrolled in lessons, guided by an unyielding passion to master the piano. The instrument became an extension of her soul, and her fingers danced across the keys with newfound purpose. Jenny was determined to make up for lost time, and her dedication bore fruit in ways she never imagined.


Her journey took an exciting turn when she joined an originals band Brave New World, channeling her musical prowess into the creation of unique compositions. The experience led to the release of an EP, showcasing not only her proficiency on the keys but also her innate ability to contribute to the creative process.


Embracing her versatility, the band with Jenny, released a single that spotlighted not only her keyboard finesse but also her captivating vocals. The song marked a significant milestone in her career, a testament to the breadth of her musical capabilities.


Live band performances became an integral part of Jenny's musical odyssey. From intimate UK venues to the historic back stage and main stage of The Cavern in Liverpool, and The Cavern Pub,  she embraced every opportunity to share her art with an audience. For a lifelong Beatles fan, performing at The Cavern was nothing short of a dream realised, a momentous homage to the legends who shaped her musical landscape.


Jenny's instrumental interests extend beyond the keys, as she has been known to pick up  the squeeze box or accordion and occasionally strums the guitar. Her ability to seamlessly navigate between instruments showcases a musical dexterity that adds depth to her performances.


Amidst this whirlwind of solo endeavours, Jenny received an offer that any musician would find irresistible – the chance to join Fleetwood Mad. A group renowned for its authentic renditions of Fleetwood Mac's timeless classics, this opportunity was a golden ticket to musical nirvana. Without hesitation, Jenny seized the chance, knowing that playing the familiar tunes of one of the world's most beloved bands was a privilege few could experience.


In Fleetwood Mad, Jenny's role as Christine McVie is nothing short of transformative. Her folk-style voice effortlessly captures the essence of McVie's soulful and emotive delivery, providing a perfect counterpart to Paula's mesmerising Stevie Nicks performance. Together, they create a harmonious blend that transports audiences back to the golden era of Fleetwood Mac.


Among the gems in Fleetwood Mad's repertoire is the ethereal "Songbird," a song originally performed by Fleetwood Mac and now masterfully brought to life by Jenny. Her interpretation of the song showcases not only her technical prowess on the keys but also her ability to infuse it with the same emotional depth that made the original rendition timeless.


Delving into the lyrical tapestry of Fleetwood Mac's classics, Jenny brings a nuanced understanding to songs like "Everywhere" and "Little Lies." Her interpretations go beyond mere mimicry, delving into the lyrical nuances and emotional landscapes painted by the band. Through her performances, Jenny breathes new life into these familiar melodies, offering audiences a fresh perspective on timeless classics.


For Jenny Lynch-Lewis, the journey from a lifelong yearning for musical expression to gracing the stage with Fleetwood Mad is a testament to the enduring power of passion. Her story is one of dedication, resilience, and an unwavering love for the keys that has come full circle. As she continues to enchant audiences with her musical prowess, Jenny Lynch-Lewis stands as a testament to the timeless magic that music weaves into the fabric of our lives.

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